My Dream From Last Night

I was with Hayley G Hoover (, Kristina Horner (, some girl who knew Kristina and Hayley, and a guy who knew the three other girls well. We were all at a huge boarding school, and we all selled cigarettes. They charged $2 per cigarette most of the time, but at some special point in the day, they charged $10 per cigarette. I charged $1 normally, and $2 at that one time where cigarettes were more expensive. There was a concession stand at the school. One day I was selling cigarettes to a group of five or six guys, and I only charged them $1 per cigarette, even though I should have charged $2. Later that day, Kristina and I went back to our room (we all shared a big room), and we talked about how we didn’t want to sell cigarettes anymore, and Kristina had gained 150 pounds, even though she looked exactly the same as always. A couple hours later, we discovered that Hayley had been hiding in the closet, listening to our whole conversation. Hayley confessed that she was going to go to rehab and quit selling cigarettes. Then the other girl and guy appeared out of nowhere and agreed with Hayley. The whole time, there was a mob of people outside of our door. Apparently we were the big cigarette salespeople on campus.


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