7th Grade Keepsakes

Today, I had to go through my entire closet. It sucked, but I found something that will probably be good for a laugh: the few things from 7th grade that I thought were worth keeping. Let’s see some of the things I did when I was twelve.

Thing #1: A valentine from my 3rd-grade buddy. Aw. It’s a white paper heart with an off-white, red-polka-dotted heart inside, with a heart-shaped random newspaper clipping in the middle.

Thing#2: A pretty good drawing of Hayley Williams, with special attention to her eyes and red-fading-to-blonde hair. I’ll probably post it on my DailyBooth later.

Thing #3: A page of “Original Doodles by Mercy,” including (will also be on DailyBooth):

  • a heart that says ‘Mercy Rocks’ inside of it,
  • a weird curly flowerish tree thing, a star that says ‘I love you’ and ‘heart’ inside of it,
  • a lily flower,
  • a heart which is actually a boy and a girl blob hugging and their bodies form a heart shape,
  • a lion with a happy flower for a head (it’s a dandelion, ha ha),
  • a smiling heart with a band-aid,
  • the word ‘love’ spelled out in flowers,
  • another weird curly flowerish tree thing, and
  • wavy lines radiating from a dot.

Thing #4: A second page of “Original Doodles by Mercy,” including (another DailyBooth thing):

  • the word ‘amazing’ written in curly letters with a swirly box around it,
  • a star with some stripes in it,
  • another heart that’s actually two blobs hugging,
  • swirls radiating from a dot,
  • a falling, fraying red ribbon (Think I might have been re-reading the Twilight series?),
  • a bendy straw,
  • a strange curly scribble tree,
  • a weird curly fence thing,
  • a flower with a falling petal (Called ‘When the Last Leaf Falls,’ which is weird because it’s the first leaf falling and it’s not a leaf.),
  • another heart with a band-aid,
  • a flower with thorns intentionally drawn very faintly (Called ‘Exterior.’ I was a deep, thoughtful twelve-year-old.),
  • a circle, cut into sixths, every section with a different pattern, and
  • a falling triangle.

Thing #5: A clippy magnet thing.

Thing #6: Two sample copies of letters to my teacher from the previous summer.

Thing #7: A 1/3″-thick extensive list of quotes (and my response to each quote) fromĀ Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, and Bull’s Eyes and Misfires: 50 People Whose Obscure Efforts Shaped the Civil War. Took me all summer.

Thing #8: A 3-page short story I wrote about a puppy mill owner. I will post it on my Tumblr.

Thing#9: A ‘Realidades Level One’ workbook. (For my Spanish course.)

Thing #10: A red PDA holder containing:

  • Four multicolored magnets,
  • A package of 1″ x 2″ post-it notes.
  • A faded, oval-shaped magnet with my school logo on it,
  • A very faded, star-shaped magnet with my name on it,
  • A piece of paper from sixth grade stating how I will divide a brownie between five of my friends, and
  • An orange piece of paper with a list of families to make on The Sims.

That’s it. That’s all I have from 7th grade.


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Stop Me If I Told You Already….

I’m a nerdfighter. Being a nerdfighter changed my life. I think the turning point was July 23rd. John Green held a late-night BlogTV show. He signed party blowers for nerdfighters coming to a gathering the next day. That’s all the show was. John signing party blowers. But I found something special about it. I’m not sure what. But that doesn’t matter to me. All that matters to me is that my life changed. Not drastically. But it changed, and I feel different because of that BlogTV show.

I feel like a part of something. I feel like I’ve seen a little bit more of the world’s wonderful side. (It has a wonderful side, you know. No matter what the Westboro Baptist Church says.) I just feel good.

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“You and Me”

It doesn’t matter how much I want us to be friends. It doesn’t matter how much she wants the same thing. Almost everything we say to each other is mean or annoying. She does it because I’m doing it. I do it because the annoying and mean things she does are things I can’t take. I just can’t take it. I feel like she doesn’t try to hold back. I feel like she doesn’t try to refrain. She just does it, whatever. I can’t do it. I can’t deal with everything she does. I get mad. I get so angry, I don’t think to control what I say to her. I say mean things I don’t mean, but they’re things that will let her know I’m angry. She takes it personally. I tell her to leave, she thinks my reasons are stupid. She doesn’t know how much she’s hurting me. I hurt her, and I feel awful, but I just can’t take it. That’s no excuse, but it’s a damn good explanation. I want to be her friend. But I want to be friends with the part of her that’s nice, funny, and not annoying or hurtful. And that’s only a fraction of who she is. I want it to work. I want to still be her friend. But I can’t be friends with the person she is most of the time. None of my friends can help. The only one who can is someone who’s sick of us fighting. I hurt all the time, but not just because of her. She only makes me worse. I don’t want to tell her I won’t be her friend. She’s been my friend for eleven years. But the person she’s becoming is a person I can’t get along with. I’ll miss her.

I think this through so much more than she does. She doesn’t care. She just wants to be my friend and hang out with me. I can’t just brush it off, I have to think about it and get angry and ask that she be nice. She doesn’t do things that way.

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