7th Grade Keepsakes

Today, I had to go through my entire closet. It sucked, but I found something that will probably be good for a laugh: the few things from 7th grade that I thought were worth keeping. Let’s see some of the things I did when I was twelve.

Thing #1: A valentine from my 3rd-grade buddy. Aw. It’s a white paper heart with an off-white, red-polka-dotted heart inside, with a heart-shaped random newspaper clipping in the middle.

Thing#2: A pretty good drawing of Hayley Williams, with special attention to her eyes and red-fading-to-blonde hair. I’ll probably post it on my DailyBooth later.

Thing #3: A page of “Original Doodles by Mercy,” including (will also be on DailyBooth):

  • a heart that says ‘Mercy Rocks’ inside of it,
  • a weird curly flowerish tree thing, a star that says ‘I love you’ and ‘heart’ inside of it,
  • a lily flower,
  • a heart which is actually a boy and a girl blob hugging and their bodies form a heart shape,
  • a lion with a happy flower for a head (it’s a dandelion, ha ha),
  • a smiling heart with a band-aid,
  • the word ‘love’ spelled out in flowers,
  • another weird curly flowerish tree thing, and
  • wavy lines radiating from a dot.

Thing #4: A second page of “Original Doodles by Mercy,” including (another DailyBooth thing):

  • the word ‘amazing’ written in curly letters with a swirly box around it,
  • a star with some stripes in it,
  • another heart that’s actually two blobs hugging,
  • swirls radiating from a dot,
  • a falling, fraying red ribbon (Think I might have been re-reading the Twilight series?),
  • a bendy straw,
  • a strange curly scribble tree,
  • a weird curly fence thing,
  • a flower with a falling petal (Called ‘When the Last Leaf Falls,’ which is weird because it’s the first leaf falling and it’s not a leaf.),
  • another heart with a band-aid,
  • a flower with thorns intentionally drawn very faintly (Called ‘Exterior.’ I was a deep, thoughtful twelve-year-old.),
  • a circle, cut into sixths, every section with a different pattern, and
  • a falling triangle.

Thing #5: A clippy magnet thing.

Thing #6: Two sample copies of letters to my teacher from the previous summer.

Thing #7: A 1/3″-thick extensive list of quotes (and my response to each quote) from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, and Bull’s Eyes and Misfires: 50 People Whose Obscure Efforts Shaped the Civil War. Took me all summer.

Thing #8: A 3-page short story I wrote about a puppy mill owner. I will post it on my Tumblr.

Thing#9: A ‘Realidades Level One’ workbook. (For my Spanish course.)

Thing #10: A red PDA holder containing:

  • Four multicolored magnets,
  • A package of 1″ x 2″ post-it notes.
  • A faded, oval-shaped magnet with my school logo on it,
  • A very faded, star-shaped magnet with my name on it,
  • A piece of paper from sixth grade stating how I will divide a brownie between five of my friends, and
  • An orange piece of paper with a list of families to make on The Sims.

That’s it. That’s all I have from 7th grade.


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